New Things…

So I couldn’t just leave all those people who followed my blog without passing along what all I’ve got going on now.  I’ve got a new site that I’d love for you to follow- .  There are NO selfies that could possibly be taken as inappropriate, and the content is different from some of the posts that I did here.  I’m hoping you’ll come on over, take a look, and if you like what you see, head to the blog home page and sign up  with your e-mail (it’s on the right hand side).  I’m hoping to share more of my journey with you!  Much love!

This is it!

So you know how I posted a couple times on pervs finding me through less than ideal search terms?  Well after a whole lot of investigating lately, I’ve found out some very unsavory things.  I’ve decided to take down previous posts and effectively stop publishing on this blog.  I hope to have another blog at some point, but first things first, I have to do some cleaning up at this point.  If you were a faithful follower, thank you so much for your support and feel free to e-mail me.  Look out for me in the future!

Thank you.